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Support clients on their favorite channels and improve response time for better customer retention

Customer and agent chatting through the omnichannel platform Rocket.Chat with different integrations such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Email and more
A screen that shows the Rocket.Chat omnichannel platform with leading social networks and integrated chat applications

Multiple tools
in a single view

We design our user interface with the aim of providing all the features an agent needs not only to provide an efficient and productive customer service solution, but also to have an outstanding user experience when serving customers.

This is what we call single-view, an intuitive UI that allows agents to work on the platform in a simple and objective way. Rocket.Chat allows the system to be configured to meet specific use cases, from small and medium businesses to large companies that need an agile operation focused on customer service.

Concurrent Chats Limit & Waiting Queue

Concurrent Chats Limit & Waiting Queue

Provide the best omnichannel experience and support multiple customers in a single platform

Auto-close inactive conversations

Auto-close inactive conversations

Configure conversations to close automatically and help agents manage demands faster

Chat History

Chat History

Allow your team to meet demands more quickly with full chat history of previous requests and conversations

Concurrent Chats Limit & Waiting Queue

Canned Responses;

Speed up your response time with saved replies for the most common questions

The right toolset to
boost performance

Management made easy

Manage your team effectively: leverage powerful custom reports for admins grouped with flexible data visualizations, rich dashboards and more.

A screen that shows the Rocket.Chat omnichannel platform with leading social networks and integrated chat applications
The communication of several centralized message applications in a single screen on Rocket.Chat

Save on headcount

Move away from expensive system calls. Centralize your entire customer service in one place to enable agents to effectively support multiple customers at the same time.


  • Multiple business hours
  • Analytics
  • Real-time monitoring
A table representing a tool that lets you set business hours across different time zones on the omnichannel platform Rocket.Chat
A graph with a total number of conversations on the omnichannel platform Rocket.Chat by date
A screen showing a chart with monitoring data on the omnichannel platform Rocket.Chat

Easy integration through the marketplace

The Rocket.Chat ecosystem is designed to support integrations with other platforms, external services, and multiple channels.

The platform has its own marketplace where admins and managers can find apps that will help them improve their operations, such as CRM Integrations, Chatbot adapters, and so on.

A rocket in the center of a square with another four smaller icons representing marketplace companies on the omnichannel platform Rocket.Chat including Hubspot, Salesforce and others


Mike Schwartz

See what customers
have to say

"Thanks to Rocket.Chat, we figured out how to deliver and win customers without sending engineers on site. The Omnichannel Feature enables us to provide enterprise-level support, a huge differentiator to win more business"

Mike Schwartz, CEO & Founder at Gluu

Maria Zhuravlova

See what customers
have to say

"StarNavi Team uses the Rocket.Chat team collaboration & Omnichannel solution on a daily basis – allowing us to communicate with both customers and colleagues, all from one platform. It’s an easy-to-use communication hub with high-quality chat functions: live chatting, private or group chatting, custom emojis). Our team has been using it since 2018 and we’re extremely happy with the results!"

Maria Zhuravlova, Marketing Specialist at StarNavi