Meteor allow/deny vulnerability disclosure


All users advised to upgrade Rocket.Chat due to a Meteor vulnerability. On September 26th, 2017, the Meteor project published an advisory on a security vulnerability. While Rocket.Chat does not use the features in which the vulnerability was discovered, we still advise all users to upgrade their Rocket.Chat server to the latest stable (0.58.3) or release […]

Rocket.Chat in Barcelona


Governments around the world are turning to open source software to fulfil their communication, operational and administrative needs. Open source solutions such as Rocket.Chat offer economic savings, transparency of source code and design, a growing global pool of development and consulting talent and can help prevent vendor lock-in. The Institut Municipal d’Informática, a group that […]

20 things you should be doing with Rocket.Chat


Whether you’re thinking of introducing your team to Rocket.Chat or you’re already a loyal user you might be wondering about all the ways Rocket.Chat can streamline your workflow.   Here are 20 things you should be doing with Rocket.Chat! Live chat Interacting with your community. Great for software companies, tech companies, academic orgs and open source projects […]

Why open source is best for government


Last month, Bulgaria passed a law that requires its government to use open source software. The law comes in the form of several amendments to the country’s Electronic Governance Act and includes the creation of an agency that will supervise the software.   This post looks at what the law means in practice and how it might […]

How Radically Open Security uses Rocket.Chat


Radically Open Security (RSO) is the world’s first not-for-profit computer security company. With 90% of the profits going to a charity that supports an open internet, the founders couldn’t be more serious about the principle of an open information society. When this globally distributed organization started looking for a secure solution for their communication needs, […]

IndieHosters – supporting internet freedom


One of the most rewarding developments for our team over the past year has been the success of IndieHosters, a company that helps organizations to achieve more freedom and individual security.   We spoke to co-founder Pierre Ozoux about how Rocket.Chat has been instrumental in their mission. Hosting open source chat as a service For those new to […]