Rocket.Chat goes Privacy Tech


GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, Ever heard of these acronyms?   Starting in 2018 in Europe with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), many other countries have passed laws to protect your privacy and your personal data. The LGPD in Brazil or the CCPA in California are among those laws and will come into force in 2020. […]

Rocket.Chat is moving its Mobile Apps to React Native


Rocket.Chat Reacts! Rocket.Chat is moving its mobile apps to React Native You may have noticed a lot of recent changes with the mobile apps.   Rocket.Chat has been maintaining two native versions of the mobile app, one for Android and one for iOS. This has proved to be quite problematic and we had to split […]

Changes to notification behavior


Current state Rocket.Chat has always tried to be smart when sending mobile notifications. We don’t want to disturb you with useless notifications, but we understand this is confusing to our users. Users expect notifications and think there are bugs when none are actually being sent.   We have created a diagram to show the current […]

Android native app upgrading failed on Google Play?


Android native app users on Google Play may encounter failure when upgrading from 3.5 to 3.5.1.   This problem is widely reported. 3.5.1 Android Native app is up and running First the good news, we are pleased to announce that the Android native app 3.5.1 is fully functional and no damage is done.   Unfortunately, we […]

Rocket.Chat 1.0 is ready to take off


For four years Rocket.Chat team has been building a proof-of-concept. A proof-of-concept that actually works, used by more than 25 million users worldwide, and on more than 350 thousand servers. Today we are proud to announce the release of our first ever Long Term Support (LTS) version, 1.0! This is the first release that contains […]

UCS: AD integration and Open Identity Management


This blog is created by our guest blogger from Univention, Nico Gulden.   My path crossed Rocket.Chat over a year ago. And since we use it in our company for messaging and closed our internal IRC, I am an excited user of Rocket.Chat. I like how it helps me to cut down communication overhead. For this […]